Gosh! What is Traffic Anyway?

Wow, if you landed up here and still trying to understand what Traffic and Lead is, then I (Amit) will explain you in a very simple way.

Traffic is like a visitor that a showroom, or shop, or website gets through Advertising.

Let me share some examples:

Examples from Offline World:

  • If you run a shop, then any person who comes(enters) to your shop is a traffic.
  • If you run a bakery, anyone entering the bakery is a person, which is technically called traffic.
  • If you run car repair shop, any car that comes for mechanical work is a traffic. If they buy then they become a customers.

Examples from Online World:

  • If you have a website, then anyone comes to website to view content is traffic.
  • If you run a Youtube channel, then anyone who watches a video is a viewer but in other terms is traffic.
  • If you an affiliate marketer promoting funnels or products, then number of people who come to view your funnel is traffic.

So, No Walk-In in the store means no sales.

So, No Traffic means NO Sales.

Man, how can someone buy when he doesn’t know what you sell and has not seen what you sell?

So, Traffic and Leads are like walk-in in your store, be it online or offline.

We at Amit Solo Ads provide this Email Traffic online. Now, what makes us unique is that we manage our lists, refine them, use very expensive services to keep building lists and have them in proper segments depending on their interests and do lots of hard work in maintaining the quality every day.

Why do we do take some much effort in refining and nurturing the lists?

Simple so that we can deliver high quality and clean traffic aka footfall to your online store or funnel.

Why are so less companies trying to put hard work?

Any company committed for long term and working for adding real value to customer’s life will put in efforts so that their client win. We are doing the same, we put in lot of hard work and lot of efforts so that we can really challenge those scammers who are here just for quick buck.

There are lot of dishonest people, who pretend to show that they are sending real human traffic to your website or funnel. But instead they created some advanced bots, which can do all the activity that normal human would do. Some of these bots are so advanced that they can fill in the forms and even go to an extent of adding some credit card details and buy products.

This is a serious issue of the industry currently. We are standing against it.

But does that mean one should not buy Email Traffic or Email Leads at all?

Man, I will request you to read how powerful Email ROI is. With the latest survey, the Email ROI has reached $42 with $1 invested. That’s a very good return. Please read this Email Traffic ROI here.

As a company we are committed to provide nothing less than the BEST Quality. So, we figured out that best way for us to WIN and earn money is by helping you WIN.

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