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Refund Policy

"Amit Solo Ads" was created with a vision of helping our clients grow their online business by providing them leads. We are committed to help our clients with the fuel aka leads that can help them grow their business. We believe that "Amit Solo Ads" can grow only if our clients grow. So, maintain transparency that can help mutual growth.

How Do We Work with Clients?

We work in a unique way in which we create a capture page aka squeeze page for the clients free of charge. We connect your autoresponder to the squeeze page. Incase your autoresponder is not supported by our system. We have option to connect  your autoresponder software even using Zapier. Using this capture page we deliver warm leads with a guarantee of minimum 30% optin rate.

We use the same squeeze page as a tracking tool and that determines the optin rate of your campaign. We will not use client's 3rd party tools for tracking or for any other purpose as their results cannot be validated. 
We will use our own tracking tool that will be use to track the results. 


AMITSOLOADS OPTIN GUARANTEE PROGRAM guarantees minimum 30% optin rate on your advertising campaign. Incase the client decides not to use our squeeze page, then the client will not be eligible for AMITSOLOADS OPTIN GUARANTEE.   

Also, if "Amit Solo Ads" fail to deliver 30% optin rate, we promise that you will receive the no question asked refund, or full free resend of your entire advertising campaign to a link of your choice.

Note: Any 3rd party tracking software not being used by "Amit Solo Ads" will not considered because they can't be validated. 

Changes in the Details

  • If a client seeks any change on website or change in Autoresponder or any other technical changes. Request processed within 3 business days.
  • Request Deadline for technical changes is 24 hours before your campaign goes live.
  • If you submitted Request less than 24 hours before order goes live, your campaign will be delivered to the initial link you gave us approval for. Reason: Our systems and process are scheduled to deliver results and therefore we don't do technical changes for same campaign after Request Deadline.

    Our Commitment
  • We committed to delivering 100% top tier traffic to your offer. i.e Tier-1 Traffic. 
  • The Majority of the Traffic will be from United States, the remaining from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom. 
  • We have strong technical setup so that we don't receive traffic other than Tier-1 traffic but incase of some glitch, you receive any non Tier-1 traffic, we will send you more traffic from Tier-1. Example: If you ordered 1000 Leads and you received 20 leads from Non-Tier-1, then we deliver you 20 more leads from Tier-1. Similarly, if your ordered 2000 clicks and of those 2000 clicks, there are 30 clicks from country like Bangladesh or India, we will send you 30 more clicks from Tier-1.  

    Control and Responsibility:
  • We Have no control and responsibility over the 3rd party services and autoresponder that the client use.
  • We have no responsibility over your autoresponder apart from delivering subscribers. So, "Amit Solo Ads" will never touch the settings of your autoresponder and nor will issue any refund incase you have not set the settings right. Before starting of the advertising, we will definitely check the whether squeeze page and autoresponder are working fine and whether your autoresponder is getting the subscriber. Only after that we will start the campaign. But we will not be responsible for any other setting your autoresponder.
  • Once "Amit Solo Ads" has delivered, we will not be responsible for email followup or any other marketing you choose to pursue.

Cancellation Policy

If your campaign has begun and your clicks/leads are being sent to the page or if your order has been completed (partial or full), then you are not eligible for refund.

Incase you want to cancel your order, and your campaign has not started (and we haven't started delivering your order), your refund will be processed within upto 12 business days of receiving a email/written request from you. 

If your ads campaign has started and you request us to cancel it or put it on hold, then it is not eligible for refund.

* 12 days are Maximum days to send back the refund usually we initiate refund within 3 business days. 

No cancellation fee will be charged.

Any order placed has to be redeemed within 90 days. After 90 days, the order is not eligible for refund. 

Orders cannot be canceled starting 48 hours from the scheduled campaign “start date/run date”. For Example, if your campaign is scheduled to start on January 20th, the absolute final time to request cancellation is midnight EST January 17th.

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