What is your Guarantee?

We at Amit Solo Ads, guarantee you conversions of opt-ins and if are unable to deliver those conversions, we don't get paid, it’s that simple. We work to deliver results to you and that is our prime moto. Our guarantee assures that we grow, only if you grow. So, We WIN only if YOU WIN.

We want to build trust and want to work long term with you so that we can help you deliver extremely high-quality Email Traffic and Email Leads.

Although, we really want you to know that we deliver only quality, but we wanted to take it step further so that you even know about how trust-able and transparent our services are.



AMITSOLOADS OPTIN GUARANTEE PROGRAM guarantees minimum 30% email opt-in rate on your every advertising campaign.

As a part of the opt-in Guarantee program, we will create a custom squeeze page for our client, without any additional charges and will connect that squeeze page to client’s autoresponder. So, all the Email Addresses will be delivered to the client’s autoresponder.

So, when a real human (visitor) enters the Email Address on the squeeze page, the visitor will be taken to client’s Main Page. Simultaneously, the email address will be automatically sent to client’s autoresponder, which is connected to the squeeze page.

In-case the client decides not to use our squeeze page, then the client will not be eligible for AMITSOLOADS OPTIN GUARANTEE.

Also, if "Amit Solo Ads" fails to deliver 30% opt-in rate on the squeeze page that “Amit Solo Ads” created, then you will receive no question asked refund, or full free resend of your entire advertising campaign to a link of your choice.

You see, we are doing more hard work here and we are still committed to deliver results to you.

Note: Any 3rd party tracking software not being used by "Amit Solo Ads" will not considered because they can't be validated.

Handling Changes in the Campaign Details:

  • If a client seeks any change on squeeze page or change in Autoresponder or any other technical changes. Request will be processed within 3 business days.
  • Request Deadline for technical changes is 24 hours before your campaign goes live.
  • If you submitted Request less than 24 hours before order goes live, your campaign will be delivered to the initial link you gave us approval for. Reason: Our systems and process are scheduled to deliver results and therefore we don't do technical changes for same campaign after Request Deadline.


Amit started this for a simple reason, that Amit is committed to deliver quality consistently. The culture at Amit Solo Ads, nurtures every team member to believe that at we win only if our customers win. Everyone here knows that there are so many moving parts of a running business that business owners and marketers need to crack and monitor. They cannot waste 40-45 hours every week only to buy traffic and then struggle with opt-ins and analysis. That too when buying traffic is the least rewarding task but consumes a lot of time. So, we will do one thing but do it so well, so that our customers can have good sleep trusting us for the work they gave us.

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