What Do You Do?

In the very simple explanation, we sell Extremely High Quality, Warm Email Traffic and Warm Email Leads.

Well, we are so confident with our quality that we even have a Guarantee Program for our customers.

We very proudly say that we provide one of the Cleanest and highest quality fuel to you to help you grow.

Every business, every funnel is like a machine and this machine, how so ever good, will not be able to function if it is not provided the fuel. Now, providing bad fuel will be even worse.

Let me explain with an example:

When I learnt driving a car, I never knew what the importance of a quality fuel is. Now you might think this is such an obvious thing, but I never gave a thought on the quality until the day I took fuel from a different gas station. I used to get fuel from one gas station only but one day because of emergency I purchased fuel from a different gas station.

So, I have a discipline of checking my average mileage whenever I get my tank re-fueled. To my surprise, the mileage I got from the fuel of the new gas station was lot more than fuel of old gas station. I tried 2nd time and again found better mileage. Tried 3rd time and again got better mileage. So, I realized that the fuel supplied at the new gas station was better.


In simple words:

A car cannot move if there is no fuel in it. But also, the car gets into bigger problem if it is fueled with low quality fuel. That will not only lead into wastage of money but will also damage the engine.

Better Quality Fuel --> More Mileage --> Lower Machine Damage

Better Quality Traffic / More Quality Leads --> Quality Customers --> Lower Damage To Business Engine --> More Money in Long Run


In the very simple explanation, we sell Extremely High Quality, Warm Email Traffic and Warm Email Leads.

So, If you are a business owner, if you are a marketing genius in your company,  if you are an affiliate marketer, if you need leads, or if you are looking to earn money online, you will need Email traffic.

Now, you must be thinking who buys Email Traffic or Email Leads in 2020, are you nuts Amit?

This is a very relevant question in 2020, so let me show you some case studies why Email Traffic is the best traffic to get infront of the genuinely interested people, who will be actually willing to buy and spend more.

You might hear it every day that email is dead, hardly anyone reads email anymore. Let’s see what other say:

According to Custora E-Commerce Pulse, email accounted for 19.8% of all transactions - trailing only paid search (19.9%) and organic traffic (21.8%)

Custora Pulse Report

Let us now see about the Data & Marketing Association has identified a number of other key email marketing ROI statistics. 

Email Marketing ROI Statistics

  • Average ROI - 3,800%, or $38 for every $1 invested
  • Top Performers - 18% of companies achieve ROI greater than $70 per $1 invested
  • Low Performers - 20% of companies achieve ROI less than $5 per $1 invested
  • Segmented Emails - Generated 36% of total email revenue
  • Triggered Campaigns - Generate 306% more click throughs per email than non-triggered emails.

Let us see what Hubspot Research shows on Email Marketing:

It states 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months

Hubspot Research Email Marketing

Consumers continue to prefer connecting with brands via email, and email marketers are seeing their email ROI skyrocket, with the latest numbers coming in at $42 to $1.

73% of marketers consider email important to their companies’ success, but a third of marketers don’t consider email to be integrated with the rest of their marketing program. That’s a missed opportunity.

Almost all smart marketers have noticed email isn’t slowing down anytime soon in future, and they’re willing to put their money where the results are. Our research revealed that 49.5% of marketers planned on raising their email marketing budget.

So, in short email is here to stay and email produce high ROI.

Okay, after knowing the importance of Email Marketing in 2020, now you might be thinking - What’s this about “High Quality”, “Clean”. “Warm” Email Traffic??

Let me explain this with our previous example of fuel for a car.

We saw that a good high-quality fuel not only provides a better mileage to the car but also help to save the engine from getting damaged. So, because of better fuel, net result is higher output and lots of money saved by avoiding machine damage because the engine remains healthy.

Email Traffic Quality - Solo Ads

This image will automatically explain the difference in quality of fuel.

Same is with Email Traffic and Email Leads.

High Quality, Clean Traffic and Clean Leads has the real people, who are interested in the offer looking at it, reading it, watching it and responding to it.

Now, you might be thinking what is bad quality or bad traffic?

As we have seen that the ROI of email marketing has sky-rocketed to $42 for every $1 invested, that has resulted in some evils with bad intentions of only earning money to notice this.

So, these evils do many different things to deliver traffic that looks like real humans on page taking actions but actually are the bots.

Bots are like computer scripts created to “act” and “behave” like real humans. They come on page, scroll the mouse, click at different places, even do some text selection, and even enter the information in the forms that looks like a real human email signup.

So, in simple terms these are fake clicks or fake leads that you end up paying for.

It's because of these scammers that it has become very important to work with someone who is committed to deliver quality.

There is a famous line by Yoda from Star Wars:

"Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will"

Yoda Quote

So, these evils with short term sightedness are leading themselves to the never-ending darkness.

Now, next questions you must be getting:

  • Is there no way to get High Quality and Warm Email Traffic keeping evils and scammer away?
  • Is there no way to scale Email Traffic or Email Leads, by trusting someone?
  • Is there no way I can get sound sleep, trusting that I will get highest Quality Fuel for my engine?
  • Is there no to scale my business with someone supplying me High Quality fuel consistently, everyday or every week?


We know these are concerns of the whole industry, we worked upon them, and we are very proud to say that we have such a high quality processes and filtrations inside that all the Email Traffic we provide is extremely high quality.

Not only this, we even warm the traffic so that you get more refined quality.

We know, We Win, only when You Win.

We do tons of homework and have setup our special quality system and use other very high expensive services so that we can deliver highest quality. We understand the concerns of our fellow businesses and marketers and that’s the reason we came into existence.

So, we even have guarantee program so that you can trust how much we are committed to delivering cleanest, high quality Email leads and Traffic.

In closing, I want to say, Email Traffic is still the best source of getting most loyal customers and still the best way to earn money. Adding to that, we can help you with the best and most refined fuel that can help you business make money.

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