How Do I Know Your Traffic or Leads are Worth The Money?

That is a very valid question, and some of the people might be asking this every time they buy anything from small pencil to buying an iPhone or even a tesla.

Let me start with a small question:

Do we claim to be the cheapest Email Traffic and Email Leads provider in the market?

No, and we will never try to be cheapest. But we will also not try to do injustice by keeping any random, mood dependent rates for our service.

Let me help you explain with the example of car and fuel.

So, when you buy a car to travel, do you seek the cheapest fuel to run the car?

Do you prefer cheapest fuel that is low quality and might harm your expensive car?

Fuel that looks cheap but is adulterated might look cheap but do you know how much damage it is doing to the engine?

Similarly, your business or funnels are like your car and Email Traffic and Email Leads are the fuel supplied to the car.

How can low quality, cheap Email Traffic and Email Leads help you make money? They will not only damage your car aka business but also end up becoming more expensive because of the damage.

Let me be very frank with you, game of being the cheapest is a bigger loss to our customers.…

There are some very cheap solo ads providers, but do you know the real truth? Many of them cannot afford to maintain lists, manage the lists, nurture the list and refine them and use quality service to keep them engaged and so much more that has to be done daily. So, what they end up doing? Many of them end up supplying BOT Traffic.

Amit, why are you now the cheapest in the Market?

Neither we are the cheapest, nor are we the very expensive agency. We have our rates that will neither hurt us nor hurt our customers.

I want to share that I am firm believer of what Steve Jobs said:

do one thing well steve jobs quote

We want to do very few things, but do them really well.

We do lot of hard work and manage all the complex things so that when we deliver traffic, all the hard work has already been done. At the backstage there is so much of effort being put in everyday by the team manually so that when it comes to email traffic and email leads you don't have to worry at all.

Amit, Why do you put so much efforts?

Simple, we want to see you win. We want you to grow because if you grow, we grow. So, we grow together.

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