Amit Solo Ads Affiliate Program

High Paying Affiliate Recurring Program

Sustainable long-term revenue

The AmitSoloAds affiliate program is designed to reward good folks like yourself with 25% of recurring sales sent our way, to any of our wide range of email traffic services. Many customers have been referring us for long time and we wanted a way to give something back as a thanks for the new business. We’re all about win-win outcomes here.

Earn Commissions With Our High Converting Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program Features, Benefits & Stats

  • 25% Commission on every order.
  • 60 day tracking cookie, utilizing a mix of IP address + cookie tracking
  • Monthly payments made via PayPal
  • Quick commission approval (31 days, or upon final order delivery)
  • Low ($100) minimum payout
  • The average user places 4 orders within their first 60 days (tracking period)

Not too shabby right? We think that you’ll find, as we did and others continue to, that our Email Traffic is radically different than anything in the market. We’re super proud of the services we are delivering here, and we hope that you can share in that pride in your own efforts to push this really fantastic service. If you ever have any questions or need any tips, we are always only an email, or live chat away. We’re affiliates ourselves, and we don’t mind helping out.